Keep your child learning over the summer

Beat "Summer Slide"! Make sure your child is reading and doing things to keep learning throughout the summer.

"Summer slide" is the term teachers use to describe the learning loss children experience when they're out of school. Make sure your child doesn't have to waste time re-learning skills he or she already mastered the previous year.

Tips to beat 'Summer Slide'

Visit the library often with your child. Children should read at least 20 minutes every day.

Look for free or low-cost camps for your child.

Sign up your child for camps at your church (like Vacation Bible School) or at your faith community.

Take your child to a museum or park.

Play trivia games as a family.

Work puzzles together.

Play board games that require strategizing.

Bake something together and use math skills to measure, pour and mix.

Invite your child's playmates to get together to put on a play.

Make flash cards to learn new words or to solve math problems.