Join the Read On! Book Drive

Read On Book Drive volunteers

Read On! Dayton Region promotes book drives to collect new books for low-income PreK–3rd-grade children to read over the summer.

Why collect books?

Research shows that low-income children fall behind 2 1/2 months in reading every summer. This loss compounds, meaning that every school year, underprivileged children start further behind their peers than they were the year before. Experts estimate that “summer slide” accounts for two-thirds of the reading achievement gap at 9th grade.

Join with a group or community partner to “adopt” a school or grade that has a large concentration of low-income children. If you can’t adopt an entire school, do what you can! Pick a grade at a school and collect books for those children.

Drop off your books at Project READ or at any Dayton Metro Library location.

Not sure what books to purchase? Check out these recommended books and share the flier with others.

Want to support a school or a grade?

Individuals or groups can get registered to show your support!
Call 937-236-9965 or send us an email.