A Preschool Promise for Montgomery County

The Dayton region is committed to ensuring that every 4-year-old has the opportunity to attend at least one year of high quality preschool. In November 2016, voters in the City of Dayton overwhelmingly approved a 1/4 percent increase in the City's income tax to support city services and to expand the Preschool Promise throughout all of Dayton.

In 2017-18, a Preschool Promise — offering sliding-scale tuition assistance — is available to all Dayton families, regardless of income.

As important, all participating Preschool Promise providers will receive free, hands-on coaching and professional development to improve the instruction at their Preschools.

The first supporters of a Preschool Promise were Montgomery County and the City of Kettering. Ultimately the goal is to take the program countywide.

Click here to read a task force's recommendations about how to make high quality Preschool available to every 4-year-old in Montgomery County.