About Us

Learn to Earn Dayton is dedicated to fostering the success of all Montgomery County children from birth until their graduation from college or selection of a career.

Our "Big Goal" is that 60% of Montgomery County's workforce will have a college degree or high quality credential by 2025.

Our focuses are:

  • Giving every child the opportunity to attend at least 1 year of high quality Preschool
  • Promoting all students' attendance and reducing chronic absenteeism
  • Expanding afterschool and summer learning opportunities
  • Ensuring every child is reading well in 3rd grade
  • Expanding high-school internship opportunities and career pathways
  • Ensuring every high-school graduate has a plan to attend college or earn a credential after graduating from high school
  • Driving up FAFSA completion

Our approach is:

  • Create and leverage partnerships
  • Promote best practices
  • Foster equity by targeting sub-populations of children
  • Gather data to drive good decisions

Learn to Earn Dayton is part of a national network of organizations dedicated to creating a more highly educated workforce.

We've received generous funding from the Lumina Foundation, which is spurring A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education.